What Google Analytics meant for?
It includes an introduction to Google Analytics courses in Bangalore
How exactly Google analytics works in digital marketing.
Understanding the Google Analytics account structure
How exactly setting up an analytics account
Understanding the cookie tracking
How to add analytics code in your website
Understanding the goals and make sure conversions take place.
Understanding different types of traffic
How to set up the goals
Understanding several types of goals
Integrating Google Adwords with Google Analytics and Google merchandiser centersImportance of UTM Tagging ( Automatic and manual)
How to track event in Google analytics
Checking the Real-Time Traffic
How to remarket using Google Analytics
How Google Analytics works
How cookies are importance in Google analytics
How to add analytics code in the website
What is the difference between exit rate & bounce rate
How to set up funnels in goals
What is the importance of funnels
How to integrate AdWords and analytics account
What are the benefits of integrating AdWords and analytics
How to download different traffic reports
Understanding the Bounce rate and how to reduce it
Importance of funnels in goal conversions
Setting up goals and tracking conversions
Tracking Adwords Campaign reports in Analytics
Filtering the traffic and making different kinds of Pictorial charts to investigate reports visuallyCreating Advance Segmentation Reports with multiple Dimensions
How to create Dashboards
How to track Ecommerce Reports
How to create Custom Reports

Thu Dec 9, 2021

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